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Improve Your Photography Skills with our Upcoming Classes!

Whether you are just starting out or looking to perfect your skills, Brett Hartley's Class sessions are sure to increase your love of taking photos. Learn the basics of setting up your camera, working around lighting & shadow conditions, and framing each shot so it captures the moment perfectly.

We also have drone Photography classes too! Learn the rules and regulations about flying your drone in certain areas as well as how to make necessary adjustments 'on the fly'.

In-person classes are limited to only 10 participants to ensure that each attendee is given personalized instruction.
Locations will vary based on the time of year and class type, so be sure to
SIGN UP to our VIP Members List to be kept informed.

Not in the Virginia area? We got you covered!
Brett's Virtual Live Stream Instruction allows you to learn from any corner around the globe.
Participation is limited and only available to registered attendees, so be sure to
SIGN UP now!

In-Person Classes


No upcoming events at the moment
Virtual Live Stream Classes


No upcoming events at the moment
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